The 5th anniversary “Riga Ball” was held in the capital of Latvia

The 5th anniversary “Riga Ball” was held in the capital of Latvia

“Riga Ball” – one of the most beautiful cultural events in Latvia, celebrated its 5th anniversary on Saturday, October 10, in the House of the Blackheads. A sublime, socially significant charity event has brought together businessmen, politicians, public and cultural figures of Latvia. It is a great miracle that “Riga Ball” still took place in such a difficult year as this. Throughout the evening words of gratitude were expressed to everyone who made this event possible – to doctors, authorities and project partners: Rīgas Dome, Live Riga, LNK Group, Exupery International School, HRMNY Human Technologies, Hausbrandt, Cellarte, MGL Art Consultants, Amber Distribution Latvia and others.

In honor of the anniversary date, laureates of prestigious Latvian music and dance awards and championships took part in the festive event: LNOB ballet’s soloists Sabina Stroksha and Viktor Seiko, famous Latvian opera singers Ilze Grevele-Skareine, Evita Teterovska and Nauris Indzeris; famous Latvian sports dance couple Artur Biele and Maria Kravchuk; a staging of choreographer Milana Komarova was performed by Taisiya Berne; there also was a performance held by young talented artists – ballerinas from the dance academy of Talis Sils – the famous choreographer and artistic director of “Riga Ball”; pupils from the Exupery International School, as well as a symphony orchestra conducted by Janis Stafetskis and jazz orchestra “Mirage” conducted by Lauris Amantovs. Popular Latvian showman Armands Simsons was the host of the Riga Ball 2020.

All regulations adopted in connection with the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 were taken into account during the event, as well as all recommendations of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control were observed.

In accordance with tradition the anniversary “Riga Ball 2020” was opened with the official appearance of debutants and their first dance – polonaise and the Viennese waltz. This year, couples are represented by the best Latvian pupils and students aged from 17 to 24. The boutique and Studio 17 beauty salon took care of their style and image. As it was during previous years a voting was held during the Ball for the best couple of debutants – the winners of the anniversary Ball – Victoria Bankovich and Patrick Simsons.

Every year there is a charity event within the framework of “Riga Ball” aimed to support young talented musicians. This year all funds raised during the charity auction will be directed to talented Latvian saxophonist Zana Medveda, laureate of the “Talent for Latvia” competition, as well as to the orphanage pupil, a talented girl with disabilities Daria Egorova, who creates icons and pictures from beads. The action was held in cooperation with the long-term partner of the Ball – “Latvian Children’s Fund”. The charity roulette wheel from was spinning throughout the evening.

Incredible ball gowns, women’s smiles and men’s admiring glances – a unique atmosphere reigned throughout the evening in the halls of the House of the Blackheads. Five thousand luxurious fresh flowers from KingsFlowers and 5000 balloons from, as well as decorations from VerNoma, skillfully integrated in the general concept by the specialists from the Sajūtu Aleja decor studio, emphasized the exquisite interiors and created a special festive mood. Each lady from the guest list was presented with a special gift at the end of the evening – a rose in an elegant glass bulb from Infinity Roze. 

The Chef of 36. Line restaurant Lauris Alekseev has developed a special autumn menu for the guests of “Riga Ball”, but healthy desserts were presented by the confectionery company Raw Cake. Fine drinks, including the “stylish” Piper-Heidsieck champagne, were provided by Amber Distribution Latvia and the highest quality drinking water was provided by Venden. Throughout the evening guests could enjoy delicious aromatic coffee from the oldest Italian brand Hausbrandt founded in 1892, which has won millions of fans around the world, including visitors of the Vienna Opera. 

By the aid of MGL ART Consultants guests of “Riga Ball” during the event had the unique opportunity to visit a paintings exhibition by cult American Pop Art artists of the 60s, 70s and 80s: Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtinstein, James Rosenquist, Robert Stanley, Malcolm Morley, Mel Ramos and others.

“I am truly overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude, joy and happiness that the 5th “Riga Ball” did take place! This is a huge miracle! On my own behalf, I want to express my deep gratitude to our amazing partners, magnificent guests, and our professional team of “Riga Ball”. Through the whole evening it was obvious how much people need positive emotions, high spirits and atmosphere of celebration and beauty. I am sure that the 5th Riga Ball has inspired our guests to new achievements and ideas, set them in a positive mood, which will help to cope with the situation that has arisen in the country and in the world. With hope and faith that we will meet at “Riga Ball 2021!”, says the patroness and organizer of the Riga Ball Nataly Tumsevica -Ergle.


“Riga Ball 2020” was supported by: Riga  City Council, Live Riga, Exupery International School, LNK Group, HRMNY Human Technologies, Cellarte, Hausbrandt, MGL Art Consultants, Amber Distribution Latvia, 36 line restaurant, Sajūtu Aleja,, King’s Flowers,, Infinity Roze,, Studio 17, Venden, Ver noma,

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The organizer of the Riga Ball is – event agency Royal Events.